Our Hiking Club is 18 years old, and it's getting older. As individuals, we, too, are getting older, alas, but that is a different story. When we started, our outings happened only on Sundays, and we never dreamed that we would be flying, hiking, and volunteering all over the country! So far, we've been to Utah - more than twice, Washington (not D.C.!) and Oregon, Wyoming and Idaho, Montana and California. We've accumulated memories we ourselves cannot sometimes believe. We've camped out in the wilderness of Utah deserts and Mt. Rainier National Park, Oregon dunes and Idaho National forests. We've done it in the pouring rain, freezing temperatures at night and oven like heat in the daytime. Once, driving through Utah, we stepped on snow and later on that day almost got sunburned - in the same state! At times, our tents got soaking wet and nearly blown away by the wind - Washington State, on two consecutive summers. We've swum in the cold White River and in even colder Ann Lake. We've day hiked and backpacked; we've volunteered working on the trails with American Hiking Society for several seasons now. We've worn hard hats and worked with a Pulaski. Once, by Placid Lake, we just missed Big Foot (!) and another time lying in tents, we heard both coyotes and wolves! Often, when the night would catch us on the road, we'd spread our sleeping bags and fall asleep under the stars.

We've seen the snow capped mountains of Washington State and the red rocks of New Mexico and Utah; we've fed blue jays from our hands and caught fish in a fishless lake. We've picked berries and mushrooms; we've seen the sunsets we didn't have the words to describe. We've met amazing people, both park rangers and just strangers who'd give us a map when we were clueless… We've been joined by a terrific new leader, Lee Majmin, a teacher who keeps going into the woods despite a shocking encounter with a bear and cannot wait to repeat the Utah journey.

Our VIP members are college students and College graduates, still living here or moving to exotic islands. Our youngest members are freshmen, and the olest - well, hmmm, old enough. On weekends, we still travel by Metro North and hike the Hudson Highlands, The people who hike with us are Lincoln students of course, College crowd, and also young professionals - engineers, web developers, designers, and even rock musicians! No matter what we do most of our time, we still find time to go into the Wild.