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Katya Fyodorova said at 6:07 PM on Wednesday, Nov 20 2013 »

On Saturday, Ms. Dikovsky and I finally made my friends join a hiking trip. It really was hard because they are so lazy! We went to the mountain. It was so exciting. But at the morning we had many problems. First problem was that we late on train because Mirik waited for food in store. The second problem was that because of constructions, train stopped on Church Avenue and then all people went to the bus shuttle. I have never crowds as big as that. Nastya, Mirik, Nazar, Ms.Dikovsky and me sat on one bus. But Lasha, George and his brother sat on another bus. And we thought that they will lose but they came first and we were surprised. So, after this entire problem we waited the train on Grand Central Station. These station was very beautiful. Finally, we came to trailhead and started climbing. Sometimes it was hard because the trail was rocky and very slippery because of the fallen leaves but very exciting. We worked hard to come on the top and the view was so amazing and we just sitting there and admiring something. I never forget this my first trip to mountain in U.S.

Anastasia Osipchuk said at 6:39 PM on Wednesday, Nov 20 2013 »

Oh, Katya, it was really excited and I want to go to the mountain again

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