Ski/snowboard trip 2016 posted on 01/29/16 by Diana Dikovsky

It's happening! Get ready for the spring conditions but still bring gloves, waterproof pants and such. Watching videos on YouTube could help before taking lessons.

Ski Trip 2015! posted on 01/23/15 by Diana Dikovsky

The excitement is in the air! Exactly in a week a bus to Mt. Creek in New Jersey is leaving from school at 7 AM sharp! Yes, at 7! Come 10-15 minutes earlier and look for an Academy bus on the corner of Ocean Parkway and West Ave - close to the school cafeteria exit. Do NOT be late! The bus is leaving at 7!

What to bring? See the last year post about clothes (gear) to wear and food to bring. Again, remember - the food the ski resort sells is pretty expensive, so bring your own food and water.

Sun glasses can replace the expensive goggles.
A very important item is a pair of waterproof pants yo can put on top of sweatpants - not to get wet and cold.

Check the same website for the latest update on Thursday night!

Another very important issue is to register. Go to It will save your time as you're renting equipment!

Ski Trip 2014! posted on 01/25/14 by Diana Dikovsky

Ski Trip 2014 - everyone who is going skiing/snowboarding on 2/3: go to the link and preregister. It'll save you a lot of time once we get to the mountain!
Those few people who are going snow tubing - it opens at 2 PM, as I just found out. You can still change your mind and try skiing first and then go snow tubing. Or be ready to wait till 2PM; you'll have three hours of snow tubing!
So far the forecast is snow and 28 F which is not too cold, but still dress appropriately:
- layers of clothes: a few sweaters, a vest is a good idea, too.
- Don't wear jeans, otherwise you'll freeze on the mountain. If you don't have a pair of ski pants, wear sweatpants and waterproof/rain pants on top.
- Gloves and a hat! Mittens are even better than gloves.
- A pair of ski goggles is very helpful, especially when it snows.
For lower prices, try Modell's or online shopping.

Bring a lot of food with you - the bus ride is about 2 hours, and you'll definitely feel hungry during and after a day in the snow and cold.

The bus will be waiting on West Ave, which is to your left if you face the main entrance.

We are on! posted on 10/18/13 by Diana Dikovsky

Go to trips on the site if you still have questions about tomorrow. Bring food, water, phone/camera, etc. See you at 7:50AM tomorrow morning!

if... posted on 06/06/11 by Diana Dikovsky

If we still decide to go on Thursday despite very hot weather, bring a LOT of water, and I mean - a lot, some food,a bathing suit, and a towel.  Bobur should bring sunblock as well as everyone else!  A hat is a-must!  If we do go, we'll do a short hike to the same waterfall since hiking in extreme temperatures can be dangerous.  Get a form from me tomorrow and return it on Wednesday.  The same deal as last time - it is a free trip for most people!    :)