The Three Fat Men come back to Lincoln after four long years! posted on 05/03/11 by Diana Dikovsky

We temporarily stopped hiking and will resume after the two shows are over.  Most of you know which show I'm talking about.  Sat, May 7th, is the opening night for the play in which to see Mr. Majmin, Mr. Martin, Mr. Dell'Angelo, and many members of the two clubs - Maria, Sadokat, Shahzoda, Kamila, Daler as well as Tanya, Botir, and Yestaq - the ones who left Lincoln but are still with us. 
Come support your friends and teachers on stage!  Come twice or even three times if we have the third show!  Laugh hard and remember to ask the actors/actresses for their autographs!  They'll be famous one day, I promise you!

Saturday trip posted on 03/31/11 by Diana Dikovsky

Remember to    A) register and sign up for the trip    B) print the parent consent form, have your parents sign and bring it to me with $5.00 before the trip  C)  Check the website Friday night for any possible updates7AM could change into 8AM - READ!!!    NO ONE CAN GO WITHOUT THE FORM - IF IT IS YOUR FIRST TIME THIS SCHOOL YEAR!

Mountain Creek ski trip - last minute tips! posted on 01/22/11 by Diana Dikovsky

Hi all,
We're looking forward to a WONDERFUL day Monday on the mountain!  
Just a few reminders:  it will be COLD, so be sure to bring enough warm clothing, including gloves and hats.  It is best to dress in layers.  Lockers are available for a small fee, so you can keep your extra stuff in there.
Remember to bring some money for food.  Skiing makes you hungry!!!
Please arrive at the school on West Avenue by 6:45 am.  We will be leaving promptly at 7 am, so don't be late!!!
Get ready to have fun!  See you early Monday morning!

Monday's ski trip posted on 01/20/11 by Diana Dikovsky

We are on!   The bus leaves school at 7 AM.  Be on time!  As always, the bus will be on West AveMs. Valente will welcome you on the bus, and I'll meet you with the tickets in NJ.  The good news is the weather on Mo - just right for skiing/snowboarding, and the fact that you all will have lots of space on the bus!  But because very few people are coming (half of what we expected), we all have to pay an extra $10.00 for the bus.  Well, compared to $90.00 you've already paid, it's not a lot, is it?  Tomorrow is the last chance to pay if some of your friends are still interested.  One thing for sure is we will have a great time and a whole mountain to ourselves! 

Who is a senior? posted on 12/19/10 by Diana Dikovsky

If you, guys, have become a member of the Hiking Club and are a senior at the same time, send me an e-mail.  I need this for the Yearbook ASAP.