where to post today's pictures posted on 11/17/10 by Diana Dikovsky

All who joined us today to explore the Met :  Upload your pictures in the album on the left that says the Met.  Please include a sentence at least or a title!

ski trip! posted on 10/29/10 by Diana Dikovsky

Last day of the semester is traditionally our annual ski trip.  Register early, and once money is collected, it's on first come - first served basis.  The number of seats will be limited, only one bus, and many students are already asking.  Some say it is the BEST trip.  Most thrilling, definitely.  Think SNOW!   The price includes everything except lunch, goggles (sun glasses) and such. 

Parent's consent form posted on 10/10/10 by Diana Dikovsky

Read this VERY CAREFULLY:  anyone (except graduates) who will come on Mo without THE FORM will have to go back home. Sorry.   No exceptions!   Also, you have to register and click on "Planning to join".   Or be ready to pay PENALTY.    Spread the word on Facebook.

parent consent form and Monday posted on 10/06/10 by Diana Dikovsky

Attention to all last year members:  If you are still in school, you DO need a new form signed by your parents!  No one except our graduates can go on Sat without the FORM.  You can either download the form from OLD WEHIKE or see me on Friday to get the new form for 1010-1011 school year. 
The new members: Dress in layers : a T-shirt,  light sweater (fleece), a light jacket for later, not this Sat; lunch,  ENOUGH water, a plastic bag for garbage, a camera.  Parent consent form,  $ 15.00 for the first trip. 
Be on time - we aren't waiting!  It is 7 AM.
Those who are not registered yet - REGISTER!

overnight posted on 06/28/10 by Diana Dikovsky

Tuesday night is going to be cool - finally! So pack a sweater as well. Check out the list of items I recommend we bring.