Back to Utah (Table of Contents) by Diana Dikovsky, written at 6:39 PM on Wednesday, Oct 15 2008

Chapter One in which we start our journey.  Back to Zion NP.  Lee and Mike put up a tent.  A night hike.   We miss the last shuttle.  Mike carries a backpack for the first time (posing for a picture).


Chapter Two in which we drive through the impassible Cottonwood road.  The first night in the desert. 


Chapter Three in which Lee and Mike hand wash dishes after an oatmeal breakfast.  Venia befriends a dog while Lee and Mike – a group of cows. 


Chapter Four in which certain people get lost in the dark and get miraculously rescued by others. 


Chapter Five in which Mike decides he’s had enough.  The brothers head for Vegas.  We go on a day hike and then try to celebrate Faina’s birthday.  Utah’s laws.  The first and last night in a hotel – Day’s Inn. 


Chapter Six in which Marina predicts no rain.  The shortest backpacking trip ever. 


Chapter Seven in which we sleep by a cow’s skull.  Marina’s discontent. 


Chapter Eight in which we drive through FryCanyon, the smallest town on Earth (four people).  We run out of gas.  Almost.  Valley of Gods where we should’ve stayed for the night.  Diana attempts to write a poem  - “V doline bogov, v doline pechali…”

but fails.  Entering an Indian reservation.  A drunk Navajo hobo who curses in Russian.


Chapter Nine in which we should’ve known better than to stay in WupatkiNational Monument overnight.  Our first fine. 


Chapter Ten in which we get admired by day hikers in Zion.  The first (and only) real backpacking trip – East Rim.  The night on top of East Rim.  Diana runs around Max – to warm up.  Venia sets his tent right on a beehive. 



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