My first hiking trip. by Dilbar Kurbonova, written at 12:20 AM on Tuesday, Nov 11 2008

       Since my family and I arrived in the U.S. I haven’t gone outdoors much.  Because I used to go to the mountains a lot in Uzbekistan, my interest and passion for nature were unfulfilled in America.  I wanted to go somewhere badly, and it was then that Ms. Dikovsky told the class about trips with the hiking club.  From the time she told us about it, I just couldn't wait. 

        On October 12th, early in the morning I met everyone at Ocean Parkway train station.  I couldn’t sleep all night because I was thinking about my first hike.  I repacked my snack in the morning and was almost late.  Also, I had never seen Grand Central before, and this was my first time.  After going a long way, we finally got to Cold Spring.  Breakneck Ridge…walking in the woods, seeing all kinds of trees, especially maple,  and plants, and the long and winding Hudson River made me thrilled.  The voice inside me was screaming, “Run, climb, hike, enjoy as much as you want, till you get tired”...  Walking and climbing for long hours, we finally got to the top of Breakneck, where we could see everything:  little houses, the Hudson River, and other mountain tops.  Seeing all this beauty I forgot how exhausted I was.  I have no words to describe that beauty. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen, and no pictures or words could describe it.  Although my first hiking trip took all my energy, I enjoyed it so much!  Away from all my homework, projects, and worries about my test -  I felt free like a bird.  I wasn’t afraid of anything, because I knew I was safe with a big group. Feel free, have fun, walk, run, play chess, eat, breathe - that's how I felt then.   Also I made some friends.  Even though I knew Sali, Fredy, Botir, Prosenjit and Afrin from my class last year,  we weren’t close friends.  Thanks to hiking club leaders Ms. D. and Mr. Majmin, we became closer friends.  Enjoying the nature I didn’t feel how time flew.  It was time to go back to Brooklyn, even though I I didn’t want to. It was my first exciting trip and turned out to be my favorite.

         From then on I haven’t missed any hiking trips and will try to continue this way. Every time I think about a new trip, the adventure, the fun, the friends, and the nature come to mind.  Going on a new adventure, taking pictures, playing chess with Fredy and Botir have became my habits.

       Would you like to join us and have some fun?  See you on our next trip!



Botir Kh said at 5:25 PM on Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 »

Wooohooo! Cool! scared smileys

Sali Milashvili said at 9:57 PM on Wednesday, Nov 26 2008 »

very nice:) u can be a writer! scared smileys

Shohina Narzikulova said at 8:00 PM on Thursday, Nov 27 2008 »

Yeeeaaahhhhh! Finally, Dilbar you wrote your story.

I remember how you were writing and re-writing and trying to do better.

Now, you got it, you did it! And you wrote a wonderful story.

Even though Mrs. D corrected and added somethings, I know it's all

written by your heart. Good job, Keep it up!


Dilbar Kurbonova said at 10:13 PM on Saturday, Nov 29 2008 »

Thanks guys for taking your time and reading it! I think without Ms.D's help it wouldn't be as good as now

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