Undercliff trail to Nelsonville - longer route( my point of view ) by A Z, written at 7:50 PM on Thursday, Jun 2 2011

got lost ( it was cool)

 I already went to this hike once, I didn’t know that we will go there again. Some people went in front of us and went much faster, almost all of the time we had to call them and tell them to wait for the rest of the group. On our way we saw a little waterfall, I remembered it from the last time, it was the same beautiful as it was J.Finally we got to the top everyone was tired, some of us were really cold. It was my best friend Ella. She got so cold so she even took a sweater from Alex and a jacket from Victor Alexandrovich. She looked really funny in all those clothes, the best part was when Victor Alexandrovich remembered that he forgot his wallet in the pocket, Ella didn’t wanted to give the jacket to him back when she heard about the wallet. She was really happy when she found out that wallet was heavy lol. It was really windy on the top of a mountain, but the pictures that we took were really great. So on our way back still the same people went first, Ms. Dikovsky was talking to some of our friends almost the entire trail, by accident she forgot to tell us to turn when we will see white mark. So we went by following yellow marks. No one knew that we took longer route. Almost half of our group went first, so in an hour we lost them, my friends and I tried to call by a cell phone to others, but for some reason they didn’t picked up. Me, Victor Alexandrovich, Sadokat, Marina, Alex, Ella, Alisher, Arthur and of course Ms.Dikovsky were all together. I got really scared that we got lost. That hike got more interesting for our boys, they were really excited. Then we finally found other people and we all went down to look for the clues how can we go back to the Cold Spring station, we were running very late because the train was going to come in about 30 min. and we still didn’t know where we are, and the next train is should have been only in an hour later. We couldn’t possibly miss our train! We were still walking down by following yellow marks. Ms. Dikovsky checked a map few times, but I think she wasn’t sure where to go (I might be wrong). On our way down we saw a man that was walking with two huge dogs, oh my god, I got so scared, almost all of the girls started to scream, as usual (I admit it, I was one of them). I think only boys were really happy to see those HUGE dogs! Thank God, that man knew where we should go to go and he showed to Ms. Dikovsky the route. When we saw the train station we sighed quietly and we slowed down, but Ms. Dikovsky didn’t. She was afraid that we will miss our train, because it was supposed to come in a 5 minutes. She hurried us, but almost all of us were tired and could possibly walk. It was almost time for train to come. So all of us had to run all the way to the station! And we did it! We made it to station almost in a 3 minutes (I don’t know why but I remember almost all the time that we had left, WEIRD). Ms. Dikovsky was really impressed, that some people (like me) had the power to run anymore. The train came in scheduled time, we all were really tired, but glad that we went on this hike. All I remember that I came home took a nice shower then bed, that’s it! J

P.S. I’m so sorry Ms. Dikovsky that I wrote this story too late. I absolutely forgot that i promised you this story, well I’m not sure if this story is interesting( but in a real it was so excited and kind of scared).
 Oh almost forgot to tell you Ms. D. Thank you for the just an amazing trip! I loved it!

Maral Mukimova 


Diana Dikovsky said at 9:25 PM on Thursday, Jun 2 2011 »

Thank you, Maral!  So few people write these days!  Compared to them, you've created War and Peace!  Hope you'll be able to join next Thursday; will try to get lost again - for excitement!   I should remember to bring the Acting Studio's journal as well for you to write on the train.  Spread the word - the hike is free!  

A Z said at 3:50 PM on Friday, Jun 3 2011 »

you're always welcome  :) i hope i can make it, I'm not sure if i can come, but I'll try! 

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