A Day in the Life of a Backpacker by Faina Burman, written at 6:07 PM on Wednesday, Oct 15 2008

This is a poem I wrote while backpacking with Diana and Sergey in Colorado, in the summer of 2006.

Morning warmth fights nightly chill,

Trees and flowers tell a story,

Mushrooms, berries grow still,

Nature blossoms in its glory.


Colors waltzing in a dance -

Brown, orange, blue, and green.

Could this be your only chance?

Will you join the color stream?


Night time wears a whole new gown.

Frightened sun covers with clouds,

Blue creek, roaring, turns to brown.

Can you hear all the sounds?


Raindrops tapping on the roof,

Lightning slicing up the sky,

Do you need another proof?

Is this not the forest's cry?


Rain or shine, it has its power,

Nature is a private flower.

Human's merely a guest,

Keep it wild - is the quest!


Diana Dikovsky said at 6:26 PM on Wednesday, Oct 15 2008 »

 I refuse to believe I haven't heard or seen the poem before!!!  How many years have passed?  Two summers???  It's beautiful!  I love the questions for the readers!  That was the summer, guys, only Faina was able to join us in Colorado, and yes, it did rain every single day, and we were prepared for that and hid in our tents...   But I'm not a poet, alas, and cannot possible write, " Is this not the forest's cry?"   

Vladimir Tess said at 7:47 AM on Monday, Oct 20 2008 »


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