Hiking in Winter by Veniamin Gundarev, written at 6:31 PM on Wednesday, Oct 15 2008

I loved mountains since my early childhood. When I was little, my parents often took me to the sea, but I was never as excited as when they took me to mountains. Since that time we went to the mountains every summer until I moved to New York. I heard about The Hiking Club in September of 2000 and decided to sign up immediately. I have been on several trips already, but I would like to tell about the most memorable one.

      Once, when we decided to go hiking, the rain was expected on that day, and a lot of people did not show up at all. My friend Roman, our teacher, and I were the only ones who came that day, which turned out to be a great sunny day. When we usually go on trips with a lot of people, everybody talks, and we don’t really get a chance to experience or even fully feel ourselves as a part of nature.

      We spent a great day, just the 3 of us, and nobody disturbed us. That was the time right before the storm, so there was not much snow and ice, and the walking was easy. We visited many viewpoints where we could see the beauty and power of nature, the nearby mountains, and how small we were compared to the rest of the surrounding us forest and mountains. At the trip I saw a woodpecker with my own eyes for the first time in my life. As we did not have much time, we took a shortcut, and surprisingly for us we discovered a new trail that we never went on before. The whole trip was very fascinating and left many memories in my heart which I will never forget. I think that more and more people should try this because even if they do not think it’s exciting, it will capture their mind forever and they will go to the mountains again and again.

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