Cold Spring, NY about 9 years ago

$9.00 fee 1-day

Corner of Brighton Beach/Ocean Parkway at 7:00 AM on Friday, Dec 26 2008

26th is the date. Unlike Brooklyn where snow melts the minute it falls, Upstate should have at least a few inches of snow. Or more! Our first winter hike is happening as soon as school ends! The plan is to eat breakfast in Cold Spring, so bring a few extra dollars (depending on your appetite). Then - to hike of course! Sign up and bring friends.

Diana Dikovsky

Botir Kh said at 9:52 PM on Tuesday, Dec 16 2008 »

On wednesday?!?!?!?! In the middle of the week!!!!! COOL!!!!

Dilbar Kurbonova said at 10:06 PM on Tuesday, Dec 16 2008 »


Botir Kh said at 6:08 PM on Friday, Dec 19 2008 »

On friday?!?!?!?! In the end of the week!!!!! Not COOL!!!!

Botir Kh said at 6:12 PM on Thursday, Dec 25 2008 »

Are we going hiking>? (I'm asking that because there's a chance of rain...)

Botir Kh said at 2:27 PM on Friday, Jan 2 2009 »

(Diana Dikovsky, Botir Kholbabayev, Dilbar Kurbonova, Sali Milashvili, Iryna Tafiychuk, Lena Subchuk, Nataliya Plyusnina, Faina Burman, Prosenjit Das, Alex Podoprigora)

Those are all the people who supposed to go and I saw only 3!

Dilbar Kurbonova said at 2:32 PM on Friday, Jan 2 2009 »

You never know what will happen!

Botir Kh said at 3:19 PM on Saturday, Jan 3 2009 »

yeah but it says: "Who went?" :and they didn't!

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