Fahnestock State Park about 9 years ago

$20.00 fee 1-day

Ocean Pkway/Kings Hway at 9:30 AM on Sunday, Jan 18 2009

Diana Dikovsky said at 3:18 PM on Monday, Jan 19 2009 »

Unfortunately the Fahnestock Winter Park is accessable by car only.  In case we can have a few cars to take us from Cold Spring to the park, the trip can be repeated next Saturday.  X-country skiing, snowtubing, and snowshoeing - choose from the list!  Hiking, however, is not possible because of pretty deep snow on the ground.  $20 include rental and a trail pass  - significantly less than downhill skiing.  Transportation is separate.   

Botir Kh said at 4:23 PM on Monday, Jan 19 2009 »


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