Mt. Creek, Vernon, NJ almost 9 years ago

$65.00 fee 1-day

School Corner (Ocean Pkwy/West Ave) at 7:00 AM on Thursday, Mar 5 2009

Yes, it's another ski trip we're planning, and whether it's happening or not, depends on how soon everyone registers and pays. So, hurry up, and let it snow!!! See me, Mr. Majmin, or Ms. Valente for the forms.

Diana Dikovsky

Botir Kh said at 3:33 PM on Sunday, Feb 22 2009 »

It's another AWESOME ski trip! And I think I'm going... 50/50

John Smith said at 5:55 AM on Monday, Feb 23 2009 »

i'm not sure yet

John Smith said at 5:55 AM on Monday, Feb 23 2009 »

i'm not sure yet

Georgi Kavkaz said at 9:11 PM on Wednesday, Feb 25 2009 »

100000000000%  i`m   comeinggggggggggggggg

Sali Milashvili said at 12:35 AM on Saturday, Feb 28 2009 »

so we are going for sure???? it will be great!!!! Botir come on trip please, don't be scared i will let u win :))))))

Muhammad Umer said at 9:09 PM on Monday, Mar 2 2009 »

 Hey quick question should i wear waterproof pant, or not. will it be fine if i go without it. I rather don't buy it.

Botir Kh said at 3:41 PM on Wednesday, Mar 4 2009 »

U should definitely wear waterproof pants...

Sali Milashvili said at 5:51 PM on Wednesday, Mar 4 2009 »

Botir even waterproof pants couldn't protect you last time :))) 

Dilbar Kurbonova said at 7:05 PM on Thursday, Mar 5 2009 »

Skiing trip was the best trip I have ever gone.  I'm thankful to all the teacher.

Diana Dikovsky said at 3:37 PM on Sunday, Mar 8 2009 »

Lost and found (on the bus)  A leather glove and a black pair of goggles were left on the bus.  Let me know if those are yours. 

Muhammad Umer said at 7:45 PM on Thursday, Mar 12 2009 »

 Hey There is something terribly wrong with this website. It seems web is tender to  to big photos, There are 77 images right now and it is hardly able to show 15 or so also navigation is  freaking out too.

Botir Kh said at 10:02 PM on Thursday, Mar 12 2009 »


John Smith said at 9:10 PM on Thursday, Apr 16 2009 »

Guys , I dont know who wrote these scripts ( i mean this website ) , but it seems he doesn't care about the security
if you have reseted your password , it will generate SHA1 token . This token is static , if you have reseted your password 10 times

you will have the same token . if anyone in the same net work capture the traffic

you will be hacked in less than 10 sec


use wordpress :)

it's better . it's secure , it has over +5000 plugins

note: I'm not trying to act like security advisor , and there is no such an important data here to worry if someone gonna hack me or not

all i want to say  ...I dont like these scripts

John Smith said at 12:01 AM on Sunday, Apr 19 2009 »

I think someone has deleted my comment :D

The admin of this server has configured the firewall by sample commend

iptable -F , xD ROFL

does anybody interested to open fourm here ?

it's gonna be cool ,

and if you need any helps in that , I'm here :)

I think Ms.D can read my IP and my email address

Maxim Chernyak said at 3:05 AM on Sunday, Apr 19 2009 »

This website is a great jump from what it used to be, no doubt. However, simply releasing it isn't enough. It needs to be maintained. Security issues (which there are more than you can see) need to be fixed. Can we keep maintaining the website? Hardly anymore. We finished high school over 5 years ago, and now working full time in our careers.  Yet there are self-starter programmers among the students who could make a great developer + designer team (Hassan and Muhammad?) Someone should definitely take up this effort.  If you're good at Ruby on Rails and JS, you're very welcome to take over from where we left off.

Muhammad Umer said at 1:14 PM on Monday, Jul 13 2009 »

Ok, I will love take a hold of things here by end of the summer, if hassan also agrees to do so with me. Not alone. Plus, with you watching over us and web for some time, you know sometimes things stink.

@Hassan: I was also suspicious about site's security but again nothing here is so important that it should be guarded that much. Infact, I even tried to play with it a bit.

Here is my new design,

Link to Image:


Note: THis design is great also as it serves its purpose very well so no need to feel depress.

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