Utah over 8 years ago

$500.00 fee overnight

JFK International Airport at 7:00 PM on Thursday, Apr 9 2009


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Should have been inside the pool, not outside!!!

Uploaded by Fredy Diaz Peralta

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    Should have been ins...

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    Bathing suit stayed ...

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    Hot Springs

  • Cover_6

    ...and so little spa...

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    Me, or I, or Me...


Diana Dikovsky said at 11:46 AM on Wednesday, Apr 22 2009 »

Clearly, Mr. Majmin would have jumped in!!!

Georgi Kavkaz said at 3:22 PM on Sunday, May 17 2009 »

omg  i  never  seen   in my  life  like   this  natural  place   this  is   awsome,

Georgi Kavkaz said at 3:23 PM on Sunday, May 17 2009 »

i  wanna  breath  the  natural  clearly  air=]

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