Turkey Hill Lake, Bear Mt. Park over 8 years ago

$5.00 fee 1-day

School Corner (Ocean Pkwy/West Ave) at 8:00 AM on Thursday, Jun 4 2009

By invitation only. All members of the Hiking Club and the Acting Studio are welcome to join. This is a volunteer project/hike/ picnic. We first will clean the parking lot and the trail as we hike down to a beautiful lake. We'll hike along the lake collecting trash, and then eat, swim, sunbathe by the lake. A comfortable charter bus will take us Upstate and back. This very special trip/project is free(!), and your $5.00 pays for the tip. A number of participants is limited.

Diana Dikovsky

Faina Burman said at 5:54 PM on Thursday, May 7 2009 »

Hmmm...... Let me think....... Should I go to my graduation or to the hike?

Diana Dikovsky said at 9:34 PM on Thursday, May 7 2009 »

What a question!  Of course the hike! 

Vladimir Tess said at 9:09 PM on Saturday, May 23 2009 »

lol, no graduation!! You'll still be friends with Ms. D!! Hey, I can't come. I have a final!!! But it sounds like fun... "eat, swim, sunbathe". What a great combination!! 

Muhammed Azam said at 5:23 PM on Wednesday, Jun 3 2009 »

i will be ready and come for sure

Dilbar Kurbonova said at 7:41 PM on Thursday, Jun 4 2009 »

That was one of the best trips ever! I had a great time, and I'm thankful to you(Ms.D) for organizing it.

Lena Subchuk said at 10:35 PM on Thursday, Jun 4 2009 »

um... im actually having some arguments for the first time...yes, it was a very beautiful day and we had MUCH fun, because people were very social which made the trip more as a whole.  also, i liked how the boys were jumping in the lake! that was really SUMMERISH! :DDD Respect to those! Yestak, Gleb, Javlon, Isa, and one more boy i dont remember his name :D! You inspired us to try the water out too!! :DDD That may seem as not very important thing, but ONLY THEY actually got into the water! and of course, me and Iryna :D! so like 7 people out of 24... well.... i guess it would've been perfect for others to enjoy that wild lake!


and the negatives... as i've already said, people were very social, which is a good thing. but i DISLIKED the TRAILS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT BECAME SO CROWDED as if we were standing in the line for vegetables!!!!!!!! STANDING!!! thats the ACTUAL word describing SOME of the places on the track where we had to WAIT and STAND before people pass! 24 students isnt THAT huge group, but it made today's hike too CITYLIKE and i thought that i MIGHT never go hiking if so many people would go! because... what's the point of comming so far away to get rid of that city life if the same happens on the tracks?



Donjuan Mr. E said at 1:16 PM on Tuesday, Jun 9 2009 »

Wonderful trip.  A wonderful and beautiful experience both for the student and teacher.  More school events and trips of this nature should take place often.  These are the memories that students as well as faculty will always have and remember most.


From Mr. E

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