Breakneck Ridge via Cold Spring over 8 years ago

$10.00 fee 1-day

Corner of Brighton Beach/Ocean Parkway at 7:00 AM on Saturday, Sep 26 2009

In addition please bring $5.00 annual membership. Get the new parent consent form from me (room 320 per. 2,3,4 and 328 per. 6,7) or download it from the old wehike and change the date to 2009-2010. The form is crucial! Sign up for the first hike this season and bring a deposit this week ($2.00) Spread the news - the new hiking season is about to start! New members - welcome!

Diana Dikovsky

Sadaf Zia said at 4:54 AM on Wednesday, Sep 23 2009 »

 i love t o go hiking

Dilbar Kurbonova said at 8:00 PM on Thursday, Sep 24 2009 »

aww I wish I could go :( it's just I have a game on weekends. 

Next time for sure.  Hope u will have fun!

Jake Brown said at 4:02 PM on Friday, Sep 25 2009 »

I feel really bad for not going. I have my college now course at CityTech. Sorry guys.

Hope you will have fun.

Vladimir Tess said at 7:02 PM on Friday, Sep 25 2009 »

College now?!!  Oh my I remember those days!!  I remember I had to wake up at 5 AM to be there at 7 AM @ City College!

Iryna Tafiychuk said at 8:38 PM on Friday, Sep 25 2009 »

cant come, have to go to immigration office :(

Vladimir Tess said at 6:57 PM on Saturday, Sep 26 2009 »

it was a great hike!!

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