Pollepel Island and Bannerman Castle over 8 years ago

$30.00 fee 1-day

School main entrance at 7:45 AM on Tuesday, Oct 6 2009

The price includes a ferry to the island, tour and round trip to and from Beacon. Don't miss this rare opportunity to walk the island with a castle that we usually only see from above! Get the forms ASAP on Tue from Mr. Majmin or me if interested.

Diana Dikovsky

Muhamadi Ahmedov said at 7:11 AM on Saturday, Sep 26 2009 »

wow nice i'll think to go or not ... I guess I go its fun really!!!

Stan Gluzman said at 10:14 AM on Saturday, Sep 26 2009 »

I want to come

Muhamadi Ahmedov said at 7:20 PM on Saturday, Sep 26 2009 »

I'm thinking straight ahead to come ms.Dikovsky

Jake Brown said at 12:05 AM on Monday, Sep 28 2009 »

That is a good day for a trip. No school.

ALL right!!! I'll be there.

Faina Burman said at 5:14 AM on Thursday, Oct 1 2009 »

Can I come? Can I, pleeeeeeease? ;)

Have fun, I wish I could transport back just for the trip =).

Jake Brown said at 3:56 PM on Friday, Oct 2 2009 »

Mrs. D. Can i have an application on monday.

I didn't know that space was limited. It is gonna be fun. I wanna go. What am I gonna do when all my friends are in a trip.

Please Mrs. D!!!

Diana Dikovsky said at 2:13 PM on Saturday, Oct 3 2009 »



Sorry, we're completely full!  I even had to return money to my students' brothers, sisters, or friends who had already paid.  I cannot accomodate even my own students who wanted to pay on Friday .  :(   Make sure you're not late for the ski trip - the bus also has a limit!  

Tania Marenkova said at 5:15 PM on Wednesday, Oct 7 2009 »

Ms.D, why did you delete photo that I uploaded???


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