Sugarloaf Mountain and Breakneck Ridge about 8 years ago

$11.00 fee 1-day

Corner of Brighton Beach/Ocean Parkway at 7:00 AM on Sunday, Oct 25 2009

The hike is happening! Be on time!

Diana Dikovsky

Sali Milashvili said at 9:36 PM on Thursday, Oct 22 2009 »

Ms. D if hiking will be on Saturday Afrin, Giorgi, and I will come. On Sunday i am going to open house in college...... And Afrin is working....

Yufeng Li said at 5:33 PM on Friday, Oct 23 2009 »

Ms.Dikovsky  when we come back sunday .because i can not come back late.

Lena Subchuk said at 10:30 PM on Friday, Oct 23 2009 »

um... sunbday is the best day for me coz all other days are crazy busy...but im still not sure is ii can make it...its the only day of week i can sleep =(((

Diana Dikovsky said at 8:17 AM on Saturday, Oct 24 2009 »

Will be back by 7 p.m.  Those of you guys who cannot join on Sunday - will miss you, but weather wise Sunday will be much better,  Till next time!

Guocai Lin said at 4:54 PM on Saturday, Oct 24 2009 »

HI  MS.D  I will come to  the trip tomorrow. DAVID

Guocai Lin said at 5:06 PM on Saturday, Oct 24 2009 »

YUFENG LI(tomorrow ,you will  go to the trip or not?)

Shohruh Hamitov said at 5:31 PM on Saturday, Oct 24 2009 »

can i go?(MS.Diana Dikovsky)

Nataliya Plyusnina said at 5:35 PM on Saturday, Oct 24 2009 »

sorry mrs D i wont be able to come =(

Shohruh Hamitov said at 10:58 PM on Sunday, Oct 25 2009 »

Today was very very beautiful. THX Mrs.DI and Mr.Majmin.(please again)

Kamrul Hassan said at 11:00 PM on Sunday, Oct 25 2009 »

I think today (Sunday) was the best day of the year for a hike. Sunny, warm & a beautiful day. I missed that:((

Diana Dikovsky said at 8:11 PM on Monday, Oct 26 2009 »

You're very welcome, Shohruh!  Please upload your pic again;  I accidentally deleted it. 

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