Mountain Creek almost 8 years ago

$85.00 fee 1-day

School Corner (Ocean Pkwy/West Ave) at 7:00 AM on Monday, Feb 1 2010

The price depends on whether you want to ski the whole area or just the slopes for beginners. It is $75 or $85. Everyone regardless of levels will have to take a lesson due to the high risk! Go to the Mountain's website and see for yourself what's included in a package. The name of the mountain is Mountain Creek. it is in Vernon, NJ. The students in my classes and Ms. Valente's have a priority. The forms will be out right after the holidays. The bus (only one) usually fills very fast, within the first couple of days. Happy Holidays to all!

Diana Dikovsky

Sali Milashvili said at 7:10 PM on Friday, Dec 18 2009 »

yeeees Finally!!!!!!!!!!!:) I will get to ski with my favorite people!  I'm happy

Kamrul Hassan said at 10:20 PM on Friday, Dec 18 2009 »

wawww!!! It's just day before my SAT. But still I think I m going...

Musaab Ikhmayes said at 9:51 PM on Monday, Jan 4 2010 »

 Where can I get the permision slip?

Diana Dikovsky said at 7:30 PM on Thursday, Jan 14 2010 »

 Don't be late, Sali!  I cannot reserve seats.  First come - first served, as usual.  

Shohruh Hamitov said at 1:21 PM on Saturday, Jan 16 2010 »

I'll go. ((100 percent))

Henri Arazi said at 4:51 PM on Sunday, Jan 17 2010 »


Diana Dikovsky said at 9:51 PM on Monday, Jan 18 2010 »

If it does rain, we'll reschedule.  No worries.  

anonymous said at 8:36 PM on Wednesday, Jan 27 2010 »

can anybodyyy pleasee tell me whenn are we meeting up and wheree????on feb 1 for ski trip??becuase i dont knowww

also when the bus will be there so i can know ehen to come and where


Diana Dikovsky said at 9:24 PM on Wednesday, Jan 27 2010 »

 Read carefully, Greg.  It says - 7 A.M.  School corner, etc - see above.  You should see Academy bus if you come on time on Monday- around 6:50.

Diana Dikovsky said at 10:06 AM on Thursday, Jan 28 2010 »

Also, read the suggestions as for what to wear and bring on the ski tip posted on 1/14 in the news section. 

anonymous said at 5:09 PM on Thursday, Jan 28 2010 »

soo when should i come?  7 am or 6:50am??


Diana Dikovsky said at 12:42 PM on Friday, Jan 29 2010 »

6:50 to be safe

Diana Dikovsky said at 1:27 PM on Friday, Jan 29 2010 »


Q:  What happens if I am late?

A:  Don't be.  We are leaving at 7 A.M.   In case you ARE late, you'll get your money back fro skiing, not for the bus.  $30 will be deducted. 

Ksenia Plotnikova said at 4:31 PM on Friday, Jan 29 2010 »

are their anymore sets left? cause i have 2 more people that want to go..

Shohruh Hamitov said at 10:49 PM on Thursday, Feb 4 2010 »

I'm ready for next skiing. march 3 probably right?

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