Breakneck Ridge through Cold Spring (overnight) over 7 years ago

$10.00 fee overnight

Corner of Brighton Beach/Ocean Parkway at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, Jun 29 2010

Any number of people can join a day hike; however, you'll be on your own hiking back to the train station in Cold Spring. People staying overnight - by invitation only. The things you'll need are a pad, a sleeping bag, bathing suit, small towel, water bottle, water supply to last for a day and a half, food (lunch + dinner on Tue), breakfast money (the plan is to have breakfast in Cold spring on Wed), a change of clothes (?) if you don't mind carrying your own items in addition to Mr. Majmin's (that's for you, Botir!), toilet paper - just in case - to share and a toothbrush (each). A few plastic bags for trash is a must!!! If you have a small stove, bring it, too, for a cup of tea on top of Breakneck.

Diana Dikovsky

Tania Marenkova said at 10:59 PM on Thursday, Jun 24 2010 »

HI Ms.D,

Can I take my friend Maryana with me on an overnight hike...????

Diana Dikovsky said at 7:23 AM on Saturday, Jun 26 2010 »

Sure, why not?


Diana Dikovsky said at 7:27 AM on Saturday, Jun 26 2010 »

Hey guys,

Sign up for Tue, whether it's a one day hike or overnight!  Ask your friends to sign up as well - those who are going.


Diana Dikovsky said at 7:28 AM on Saturday, Jun 26 2010 »

As of now, there'll be no need for a rain jacket, but keep checking the forecast anyway. 


Yestak Haq said at 4:02 PM on Monday, Jun 28 2010 »

IM COMMMINGGGGGGGG!!!..... the Question is am i invited? O_o

Diana Dikovsky said at 4:13 PM on Monday, Jun 28 2010 »

"...if I'm invited".  Hmmm, let me think...

Yestak Haq said at 8:00 PM on Monday, Jun 28 2010 »

ohh come on .. i packed.. everything :D well i didn't Tania did for me :D i just have to caryy everything ^_^

Mirsaid Mirzaev said at 9:08 PM on Monday, Jun 28 2010 »

Ms d do u have space for me to stay for overnight?

Dilbar Kurbonova said at 9:31 PM on Monday, Jun 28 2010 »

I'm really sorry guys, i wish i could go to the hiking. I can't make this time beacuse I have to go to work.

Btw, Ms. Dokivsky, u are the best.


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