Union Square+the High Line almost 7 years ago

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School main entrance at 9:00 AM on Monday, Mar 14 2011

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Diana Dikovsky said at 4:52 PM on Wednesday, Mar 23 2011 »

Did Terrence and Jia Ming cut class today to go back to the High Line? 

Ling Wang said at 4:19 PM on Tuesday, Mar 29 2011 »

jia ming has  brilliant smile.  (*^__^*)


Ling Wang said at 4:23 PM on Tuesday, Mar 29 2011 »

My sister is   very heavy. o(???)o



Jiaming Huang said at 8:43 PM on Tuesday, Mar 29 2011 »

so  funny!!!  To travel again!!!

Diana Dikovsky said at 4:38 PM on Friday, Apr 1 2011 »

That's where you are now,  Jia Ming and Terrence???  Traveling?  or cutting again? 

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