Bear Mt. Park/Turkey Hill Lake over 6 years ago

free trip 1-day

Corner of Brighton Beach/Ocean Parkway at 7:00 AM on Saturday, Jun 25 2011

This is an overnight trip - by invitation only! Have to switch back to the original dates. Anyone interested in a day hike only - welcome! if you've hiked with us before - the trip is free again! After that most hikers will return home via Metro North, and a few will stay in the woods...with bears and wolves...

Diana Dikovsky

Tania Marenkova said at 9:27 PM on Saturday, Jun 11 2011 »

Ms.D can I invite my friend to an overnight trip plz??


Faina Burman said at 8:35 AM on Monday, Jun 13 2011 »

Am I invited? hahaha... I wish... Have fun, guys!

Diana Dikovsky said at 7:18 PM on Monday, Jun 13 2011 »

Yes, Tanya, but we have to do it on the weekend.  Mr. Majmin's plans have changed.  Hope you can reschedule work hours.

Kamrul Hassan said at 8:05 AM on Tuesday, Jun 14 2011 »

I can join just in day hike only.

Tania Marenkova said at 11:42 AM on Thursday, Jun 23 2011 »

Why cousin??? You are betrayer!! you promised me to stay overnight... :(((((((


Vladimir Tess said at 12:41 PM on Thursday, Jun 23 2011 »

so how many ppl go overnight?!

Diana Dikovsky said at 9:06 PM on Thursday, Jun 23 2011 »

Many... Don't know for sure because some people like Botir are still thinking.  About ten for sure.



Kamrul Hassan said at 11:34 PM on Thursday, Jun 23 2011 »

ohh cousin! I am really sorry, I will explain you tomorrow.

Diana Dikovsky said at 1:52 PM on Friday, Jun 24 2011 »

Kamrul, everyone is staying overnight... It'll be very hard for you to go back... possible but hard.  Are you up to it?


Diana Dikovsky said at 2:56 PM on Friday, Jun 24 2011 »

As of now, the following people are joining the overnight trip:

Mr. Majmin, the leader;  Ms. Sue Hey,  Tanya, a mysterious friend (not Yestaq),  Nastya,  Vlad, Natalie,  Kate, her father,   Sergey, and I.    



anonymous said at 4:33 PM on Friday, Jun 24 2011 »


Ms.Dikovsky ,,,, can i come ?

Diana Dikovsky said at 5:27 PM on Friday, Jun 24 2011 »

Do you have a sleeping bag?

anonymous said at 6:04 PM on Friday, Jun 24 2011 »

No,I don't ... Sorry ... I'll not be able to go ... I have a work on Sunday ...I thought it will be a day trip .

Kamrul Hassan said at 12:37 AM on Saturday, Jun 25 2011 »

Thanks Ms D. I think I am joining with the club on next hike. Have fun.

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