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Corner of Brighton Beach/Ocean Parkway at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, Oct 26 2011

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Diana Dikovsky

Diana Dikovsky said at 9:59 PM on Tuesday, Nov 1 2011 »


The feeling of calmness and hassle-free is priceless.  If you can find a place where you may feel this, you have no words to explain it.   One of Cold Spring’s mountains gave me that feeling, when I was looking at those colorful trees and the river with the reflections of sunshine and the sky.
It was worth going there and seeing it.  Thank you!
                                           Virag B. October 29, 2011



Diana Dikovsky said at 10:00 PM on Tuesday, Nov 1 2011 »

I just pasted what Virag sent me.  Soon the website will be fixed and as good as new and even better (Max is working on it!) 

Diana Dikovsky said at 10:19 PM on Tuesday, Nov 1 2011 »


           That was my first time climbing mountains in the United States. I was so excited and curious before the trip! In China, I seldom went to the mountains, and those mountains were just an easy walk. On Octorber 26, I went on a trip with Ms. Dikovsky and a large group of students. When we came to Cold Spring, I felt a little cold, and it started drizzling. Cold Spring is a small picturesque town. Then we walked for about half an hour to get to the beginning of the trail.  It turned out to be very steep. So I was all enthusiastic about climbing with my friends.   In the beginning, the climb was so easy, and I was climbing very fast. (See the pictures). We soon got to the first peak that was the hardest. I saw everyone relieved thinking that was the end… a smile because even if we were tired and sweaty, we saw a most beautiful view… You could see the Hudson River and many trees of all the fall colors.   After the break, we continued climbing.   Soon, the trail got even steeper than before, and some girls needed help. A few boys and I helped them, and we felt happy about that.  The mountain looked and felt steeper and steeper, and we were feeling more and more exhausted, yet excited at the same time. Finally we were at the peak! I saw eagles flying in the sky, and a boat leisurely sailing on the river. What a magnificent view it was!



by Yao Lin

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