Breakneck Ridge, NY over 9 years ago

$9.00 fee 1-day

Corner of Brighton Beach/Ocean Parkway at 7:00 AM on Sunday, Oct 12 2008

Vladimir Tess said at 7:03 PM on Monday, Oct 6 2008 »

I'm going to ask Gleb if he's comin'

Maxim Chernyak said at 9:58 PM on Monday, Oct 6 2008 »

Looks like there's a chance of rain showers on that day on Breakneck Ridge. Just thought I'ma spotlight that little weather feature, heh.

Christopher Lobello said at 10:04 PM on Monday, Oct 6 2008 »

wow a weather feature!

Sergey Smirnov said at 10:19 AM on Thursday, Oct 9 2008 »

Old times huh? )))

I'll try to go , i hope the weather will be on our side

Tim Vafaev said at 9:14 PM on Friday, Oct 10 2008 »

Can i come? ^^ please? O_O

Diana Dikovsky said at 10:04 PM on Friday, Oct 10 2008 »

 Hmm.  Let's see.  Is that the same Tim who used to be a Breakneck trip group leader years ago and then almost vanished?  Well, well, we'll feel honored!   Old times all right.  I still remember the time in class when the two of you promised to start traveling with the Club, and I mean traveling vig time.   Hey, it's never late!     

I B said at 1:40 PM on Saturday, Oct 11 2008 »


This is Isik. I would like to join to the hiking activity tomorrow (Breakridge hike). Is there any contact number that i can contact with and ask questions. what do i need to bring to stay over night there, food or sleeping bed? Is there any other fee besides $9?

anonymous said at 6:35 PM on Saturday, Oct 11 2008 »


I'm coming with Iryna, Lena, Milena and maybe Nastya.

Tim Vafaev said at 6:54 PM on Saturday, Oct 11 2008 »

Due to unforeseen obstacles I will probably not going to make it tomorrow =( but I will try to do my best. If something is not going to work out I will join you guys next time.

Tim Vafaev said at 7:05 PM on Saturday, Oct 11 2008 »

Listen i am not happy about t too...who are you btw?

Iryna Tafiychuk said at 7:17 PM on Saturday, Oct 11 2008 »

Hello peopleeesss :DD , Well im coming tomorrow so you can expect me to be there for 99.99% ;)

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