Castle Rock and Sugarloaf Hill almost 9 years ago

$9.00 fee 1-day

Corner of Brighton Beach/Ocean Parkway at 7:00 AM on Sunday, Nov 16 2008

A hat, gloves or mittens are highly recommended as the weather is getting colder. Don't let today's weather discourage you. Witness the last leaves falling from the trees and hike the new trail tomorrow. Also, see the castle we haven't hiked by before!

Diana Dikovsky


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Us hiking... See comments

Uploaded by Botir Kh

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    Us hiking... See com...

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Botir Kh said at 8:20 PM on Sunday, Nov 30 2008 »

Us hiking from Archangel3D on Vimeo.

Botir Kh said at 8:23 PM on Sunday, Nov 30 2008 »

Click Us hiking!!!

Botir Kh said at 8:29 PM on Sunday, Nov 30 2008 »

Just click it!

Dilbar Kurbonova said at 3:55 PM on Monday, Dec 1 2008 »

Cool, I loved and enjoyed!

Botir, thank you so much, but it can't be end just like this. where this the ending of your movie?, how did you  find the way to the back?

How could I miss it ?!

Botir Kh said at 5:24 PM on Monday, Dec 1 2008 »

Oh... too bad my camera's battery died after filming and.. well ... the end so to speak... + I had few problems with computer....

But no worries! I'll try to film the whole thing next time :))))

Dilbar Kurbonova said at 5:32 PM on Monday, Dec 1 2008 »

Anyway, it is good, and I liked the music,too.

Didn't your hand freeze? How long did it take to take the whole film?

Nataliya Plyusnina said at 8:54 PM on Monday, Dec 1 2008 »

i cant even describe how much i liked the video ))))

and i liked that kind of scary music ))

are you going to record every hike?? ... =)

i think this one is unusual one because we were really lost, so there was a perfect point to record the video ;)  (if i can say it like that+) )

Botir Kh said at 10:14 PM on Monday, Dec 1 2008 »

Well it was freezing there but I always try to wear gloves in that kind of situation :))

I hope we should get in that kind of situation more often :))) So I'll record it!

Fredy Diaz Peralta said at 5:47 PM on Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 »

You should do it again ..........DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Mad Smiley  OKEEEEEEYYYYYYY   Im An Idiot you what i mean


Diana Dikovsky said at 6:59 PM on Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 »

This was the first time we saw ourselves on a video while hiking, and like Vlad said, pretending to get lost.  How did he know?  Poor acting, that's how!   Great job, Botir, just two comments: a) I hope more people will come next time, so please let your camera  concentrate on them and yourself.  b) Remember what Mr. Majmin said - you need our written permission... or else we'll sue you when you're famous and rich.  We'll claim your video traumatized us to the point we couldn't teach any longer, had to retire at young age and need to get compensation for moral damage! 

Botir Kh said at 8:21 PM on Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 »

Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art

Ok I'll try, and Fredy I know what u mean.

Botir Kh said at 8:28 PM on Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 »

I mean this

Shohina Narzikulova said at 7:30 PM on Thursday, Dec 4 2008 »

Oh, Botir.. That's so funny....

That's great putting these videos here and, let us to watch them.

Thank you Botir, you made me lough a LOT..Hahahahaha

Botir Kh said at 5:31 PM on Friday, Dec 5 2008 »


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