Museum of Art and Design about 9 years ago

$5.00 fee 1-day

School main entrance at 8:15 AM on Thursday, Nov 20 2008

By invitation only. We won't be able to take any pictures inside the museum, but sketching is encouraged. Bring lunch, we'll eat it inside in class, not in Galleries. But outside and in the Central Park - no limit to picture taking! Go google the museum and see how terrific the building is!

Diana Dikovsky

Lena Subchuk said at 5:07 PM on Wednesday, Nov 12 2008 »

ms. D i want to go very much(((

this is a mystery but you have this intuistic feeling of making every trip on my lab days!!!((((( ive got 1 missed lab already so if i go i will fail th? whole marking period(((((

Shohina Narzikulova said at 2:48 PM on Thursday, Nov 13 2008 »

YYeeaaahhh  I love art!!!

and of course I'll go!

Yestak Haq said at 5:38 PM on Friday, Nov 14 2008 »

hey..i c i got myself a new person who likes art =]=] like art too.. shohina=]

anonymous said at 9:32 PM on Monday, Nov 17 2008 »

ms.d do u teach yestak english or not cause he just made a mistake ((  its not me its capital i (I) lolzzzzzz  ms.d i told u im smart and i know im making mistakes in every comments its because im too lazy to hold shift or turn on the caps lock i have to move my hand and then press the button than move my hand again and turn it off (((( thats too much work for me just joking:D its just easier the way i type ))

Lena Subchuk said at 10:19 PM on Friday, Nov 21 2008 »

 this trip was very very special. interesting, but also needed  to involve brains in viewing things in a different way) sometimes that was hard but even though, again... INTERESTING!!!)))


can we go there again?))) or maybe some more similar museums to visit ...just pls, not on thursday this semester :D

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