Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ ski trip! almost 9 years ago

$75.00 fee 1-day

West Ave/Ocean Parkway by school cafeteria exit at 7:00 AM on Monday, Jan 26 2009

There will be only one bus for 46 students. About 70 forms are out, so it'll be first come first served. Those who are serious about the trip, bring the forms with money ASAP. What to bring? I strongly recommend a hat, gloves - water resistant, and water resistant pants. In case you're planning to ski/snowboard in the future, too, invest in a pair of ski pants. has sales and therefore - affordable items. Or else visit Paragon sports store in Manhattan, but it's pretty expensive. Models may have less expensive items. Dress in layers. In case of wind or bright sun I recommend goggles, too. Campmor is the best site if you're planning to get several items. Feel free to contact me via e-mail or in school. Let's hope for snow and cold for the 26th! Stay tuned for more details!

Diana Dikovsky

Botir Kh said at 4:44 AM on Saturday, Dec 13 2008 »

I hope this one won't be canceled like the last one because I packed my bookback for the last trip and it was canceled, some people even woke up early and went there! And then they found out that it was canceled!!!

Diana Dikovsky said at 4:56 PM on Sunday, Dec 14 2008 »

Instead of being sarcastic, you could've asked how I feel since you guys have no other hike leaders, for now, anyway... 

Botir Kh said at 1:07 PM on Monday, Dec 15 2008 »

Sorry, Hey Mr. Majmin is considered one of the leaders, so we all should blame him instead character smileys

Diana Dikovsky said at 9:01 PM on Tuesday, Dec 16 2008 »

Good idea.   Does he know?

John Smith said at 4:37 AM on Sunday, Dec 28 2008 »

C'mon guys

i have SAT after that day


can i go ?

Diana Dikovsky said at 7:28 PM on Tuesday, Jan 6 2009 »

Sure!  First come first served, you know. 

To Ny (G) said at 11:34 AM on Wednesday, Jan 7 2009 »

I'm definitely coming!

Muhammad Abubakar said at 7:25 PM on Tuesday, Jan 13 2009 »

I want to buy clothes for this ski trip. Do u have any advise where it'll be possible to buy?  Do u know which place is better? So i can able to>>>>>>

Please Reponse Soon, Thanks

Georgi Kavkaz said at 5:51 PM on Wednesday, Jan 14 2009 »

100%  I`m  coming  on this   trip!!!!!!

Georgi Kavkaz said at 2:23 PM on Tuesday, Jan 27 2009 »


To Ny (G) said at 1:29 PM on Sunday, Feb 8 2009 »

Ms. Dikovsky last ski trip was great thats why u have to keep me a sit on the bus for the next one in march:)

Aram Davtyan said at 2:18 PM on Monday, Feb 9 2009 »

 I really enjoyed this trip, Ms D please hold me a spot for the next one. 

Botir Kh said at 4:08 PM on Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 »

Whooo--hoooo! I already got the form for the next sky trip!!!

Dilbar Kurbonova said at 9:03 PM on Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 »

When is the next skiing trip? I want to go, too.

Georgi Kavkaz said at 4:08 PM on Thursday, Feb 12 2009 »

ms.D   CAN YOU  TAKE  ONE  SIT  FOR  ME  PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!  I  really     want  to  join  you on  the  next  trip..  thanks..

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